First full round of footage for ‘Undisputed’ boxing video game revealed

Steel City Interactive have released a full round of gameplay footage for their upcoming boxing video game ‘Undisputed’.

Every year, football fans flock to the stores to pick up the latest FIFA, Ice Hockey enthusiasts buy NHL and NFL lovers purchase Madden. But sadly, for over a decade, boxing lovers have had to sit out in the cold and watch everyone else enjoy their fun.

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Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a game centred around ‘the sweet science’ since EA’s ‘Fight Night Champion’ back in 2011. And while certainly a classic, fans are desperate for an upgrade. However, there’s no indication that the video game giants will release a new title anytime soon.

But luckily for boxing heads, another company is working hard to give them their fix.

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‘Undisputed’ boxing video game looks fantastic

After changing the name of their upcoming project from ‘ESports Boxing Club’ to ‘Undisputed’, Steel City Interactive released three minutes of alpha footage. We have a singular round, contested between boxing legends Nigel Benn and Carl Froch, highlighting the level of fighter that will feature in the game.

Prior to the first bell, we get an authentic feel with the tale of the tape and the camera panning around the ring like you’d see in an actual broadcast.

YouTube video

The HUD features a health bar (red for ‘The Dark Destroyer’ and blue for ‘The Cobra’). Just below, there’s a white stamina metre similar to that of UFC 4 and a heart rate monitor. And to top it off, we have the round and a timer in the centre of the screen so gamers know just how long they have left to knock out their opponent.

In terms of the action, both boxers found success, landing a series of brutal blows. In typical Froch fashion, he burst forward, looking to close the show, while Benn looked to defend himself and land snappy counters.

Although we don’t have an official release date yet, this small teaser has excited fans for the day they can pick up a copy.

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