Five cool side hustles held by UFC stars

We all know UFC fighters are hard as nails inside the octagon but as it turns out, some of them are also pretty handy in the business world too.

It’s well known that mixed martial artists in general, don’t tend to get paid the same kind of money as boxers or footballers. Because of that, many decide to invest in or even create their own product to sell to the public.

Today, we’re going to pick out five of the best that we believe are worth your time.

Keith Jardine – Coffee

Keith Jardine, above all else, was the master of the underdog win in the UFC with successes over Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin being amongst his triumphs.

Outside of fighting, however, Jardine founded Caveman Coffee. From the taste to the marketing and beyond, Jardine has done pretty well.

Dustin Poirier – Hot Sauce

Poirier’s Louisiana Style Hot Sauce may seem mild in taste, but this is a pure love letter to his hometown roots.

‘The Diamond’ is really starting to make a name for himself both in and outside of the MMA bubble and due to his success over the last few years, these bottles are flying off of the shelves.

Conor McGregor – Whiskey

This list wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Conor McGregor’s Proper No. Twelve whiskey.

It’s been described as a party whiskey by some and as legendary by others but regardless of your own personal taste, McGregor has clearly built quite an empire for himself in this field.

Jorge Masvidal – Mezcal

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If there’s one thing we know to be true about Jorge Masvidal it’s that he’s one cool customer.

From the initial promo shots to the sharp taste of his El Recuerdo mezcal, ‘Gamebred’ has been able to build a brand that he can continue to work on long after his days in the cage are over.

Nate & Nick Diaz – CBD

If there was ever going to be a product released by the Diaz brothers, it’d be this.

Nate & Nick started Game Up Nutrition a few years back with the company releasing all kinds of cool stuff including CBD oil, hemp flower, CBD edibles and even CBD for pets.

Featured image credit: Getty