Five of the silliest WWE wrestlers of all time

The introduction of Ezekiel as a new WWE superstar has been a surprising treat for viewers. It’s so brazenly spoofy that fans can’t help but enjoy it. His bizarre arrival surely ranks among the silliest WWE wrestlers of all time.

Making his debut at Raw following WrestleMania 38, Ezekiel turned up following his brother Elias’s long and continued absence from the WWE. Their near-identical looks caused people to suggest that Ezekiel is actually just Elias.

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Kevin Owens is on a mission to prove that Elias has secretly returned as Ezekiel. This led to Owens hooking up the new guy to a lie detector test at Monday night’s Raw. Impressively, Ezekiel passed with flying colours, adding to the storyline’s intrigue.

Despite the very odd situation, Elias/Ezekiel has a long way to go until he compares to the silliest WWE wrestlers. Here are five of the federation’s weirdest entertainers.


Brother of Cody Rhodes, Goldust wowed audiences with his crazy outfits. The wild black and gold latex and gold face paint was a truly unique look.

His weird mind games got the better of the late Razor Ramon, who ‘The Bizarre One’ defeated to claim the Intercontinental Championship in 1996. Aside from the success, Goldust had some hilarious and memorable moments.

One of his most memorable segments came as he imitated the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin – making jokes about nWo around their dressing room.

In addition, fans might remember when he dressed up as Sable for a match with Luna Vachon. Goldust was soundly beaten as he mimicked the popular Sable – his drag performance entertaining the crowd.

The Oddities

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A friendly group introduced in the late 1990s, ‘The Oddities’ made sure everyone was having a good time. Under Sable’s influence, the group, including Luna Vachon, Golga, Giant Silva, and Kurrgan, became a popular team for WWE fans.

Coming out to music from Insane Clown Posse, the group fought hard but partied even harder. What started as a freak show turned into a brief yet well-received clan of unique stars that many fans believe didn’t reach its full potential.

Gobbledy Gooker

Coming out of a bizarre prehistoric egg at a Survivor Series event, fans did not react well to the giant turkey. They had expected maybe a surprise return of a star or even a celebrity appearance.

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As Gobbledy Gooker emerged, boos rained down on the mystery bird. Despite his disastrous debut, the silly character gained a sort of cult following for just how bad it really was. Gooker made infrequent returns to the foray on numerous occasions, including times when others would dress up as the turkey in disguise.

Boogeyman used this idea at Survivor Series in 2008 when he attempted to frighten Carlito and Primo with a good degree of success. However, it is undeniable that the Gobbledy Gooker is one of the silliest personas ever introduced in wrestling.

Blue Meanie

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Introduced to ECW as Stevie Richard’s sidekick, Blue Meanie also teamed up with Nova to form a hilarious parody trio.

Part of the ‘Blue World Order’, Blue Meanie mocked the Attitude Era’s most iconic rival crew as their version of Scott Hall, called ‘Da Blue guy’. Their brilliant skits entertained fans and proved extremely popular; Blue World Order merchandise sold in massive quantities.

Following a switch to the WWE in 1998, Blue Meanie joined many different stables. In addition, he joined fellow oddity Goldust, going by the name ‘Bluedust.’ The sight of his trademark blue hair always meant laughter was on the way.


Creeping out the crowd with his vampire mannerisms, Gangrel actually had a successful WWE career. As part of the Brood stable with Edge and Christian, the trio had a good run in the tag team division.

Sporting impressive fangs and soul-sucking eyes, Gangrel was meant to strike fear into opponents and fans. Furthermore, as a sillier element to his persona, the kayfabe vampire drank blood on his way to the ring.

Gangrel’s stable eventually joined up with the iconic Ministry of Darkness, following an all-out brawl where the kayfabe vampire nearly died.

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