Floyd Mayweather charging outrageous PPV price for fight with Aaron Chalmers

Floyd Mayweather is ready to cash in on his first fight night in the UK, and it’s left the boxing world open-mouthed in disgust.

Throughout his illustrious career, the American won multiple world titles, defeated legends like Manny Pacquiao and Canelo Alvarez and became the richest athlete in sport’s history. But while American fans had the privilege of watching him perform at prime time, British fight enthusiasts had to set their alarms for the early hours of the morning, pull themselves out of bed, stumble downstairs in a dressing ground and try and keep their eyes open while the icon schooled his opponent over twelve one-sided rounds.

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So when the boxer announced his collision with Geordie Shore star, Aaron Chalmers, at the O2 Arena, fans rejoiced over the idea of watching the bout at a normal time. But unfortunately, Mayweather is charging them a whopping £32.26 via the Zeus Network.

This monstrous price has officially broken the previous record of £27.99, held by Tyson Fury vs Derek Chisora 3.

The public respond to Floyd Mayweather vs Aaron Chalmers PPV price

Unsurprisingly, the announcement of the figure prompted a massive backlash from fans. And consequently, they’ve taken to social media to express their displeasure.

One tweeted: “Hahahaha, I’d rather buy a year’s Dazn subscription, and that ain’t happening.”

Another posted: “That will do five PPV buys.”

However, while the event may struggle to do the numbers of Mayweather’s previous bouts, Chalmers is delighted to have the opportunity to share the ring with the 45-year-old.

“ITS ON. I’m fighting @floydmayweather at the 02 London on 25th Feb!!” the reality TV star tweeted.

“It doesn’t get much bigger than this for me!! Someone’s 0 has to go,” he added in reference to their respective unbeaten runs, with Mayweather Jr being 50-0, while Chalmers has a less impressive record of 1-0.

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Featured Image Credit: Floyd Mayweather