Floyd Mayweather picks his top five boxers of all time

When it comes to boxing opinions, Floyd Mayweather is a fairly authoritative voice.

Mayweather, 44, is regarded by many as one of the greatest to have ever stepped into the ring and from a purely professional standpoint it’s hard to argue.

His last professional win came back in 2017 when he beat Conor McGregor to reach 50-0, with his next scheduled bout being a proposed exhibition against Logan Paul.

During an interview last summer with Fat Joe, Mayweather was asked about who he believes to be the five greatest boxers to have ever laced up a pair of gloves.

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“We gotta go Pernell Whitaker. Imma go Roberto Duran, man you putting me in a tough predicament. 

“If we gonna go heavyweights, Imma be honest, I’ve gotta go Larry Holmes. Larry Holmes beat everybody in his era, when Larry Holmes got beat by Mike Tyson, he got beat by a young hungry champion and he came out of a year’s retirement and got beat by Tyson. I’ve got to say, Larry Holmes, he had the basic fundamentals, he had the jab and even right now he’s still living a great life because he made smart investments. So, he was good from the beginning of his career to the end of his career.”

“Aaron Pryor. The only reason why Aaron Pryor lost a fight was because of drugs, he lost only one fight because of drugs,” Mayweather said. 

Before he even kickstarted the list, Mayweather agreed with Fat Joe that he should be part of the equation – making the full five Whitaker, Duran, Holmes, Pryor and Mayweather.

While it’s a list of legends, many will question the absence of the great Muhammad Ali amongst a whole host of other top stars.

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