Formula 2 driver fined after his father gets into ‘altercation’ with another driver

Usually, collisions in motorsports involve the cars, but during this weekend’s Azerbaijan meeting, Formula 2 driver Cem Bolukbasi found himself in hot water after his dad confronted another racer.

The Turkish driver has developed a huge following in the Esports community. However, his skills at the wheel extended far beyond the virtual world. After debuting in Asian Formula 3 last January, he’s begun to show off his impressive skills.

He also showcased his talent at the Euroformula Open in July, winning in his first race in Budapest. Following this, he claimed a further seven podiums, featuring a second victory, with Van Amersfoort Racing.

In 2022, he is competing in Formula 2 with Charouz Racing. He is yet to score a point this season, with a highest finish of 11th in the Monaco feature race.

Cem Bolukbasi’s dad clashes with a Formula 2 driver

During the race in Baku, the Turkish driver received backlash from another competitor.

After their pair clashed and spiralled into the wall, Roy Nissany, a development driver for Williams, said over team radio: “Sorry guys, we have an idiot on track.”

It is this comment that seemingly enraged Bolukbasi’s father, who took matters into his own hands.

In a statement, the stewards at the event explained what happened: “After an on-track incident between Cars 16 and 23, the father of the driver of Car 23, Mr Yavuz Bolukbasi, along with the driver’s manager went to the DAMS Paddock tent.

“Mr Bolukbasi admitted that he lost his temper when he thought that the driver of Car 16 made a derogatory comment about his son. At the DAMS tent, Mr Bolukabasi provoked a heated verbal exchange with the driver of Car 16. 

“As the verbal exchange escalated, the trainer for Roy Nissany became involved, and there was some pushing and physical contact between the father and the trainer (Francesco).

“No punches were exchanged, and the unwanted guests were removed from the area.”

The stewards emphasised that: “At no time will physical violence, nor the threat of such be tolerated. In keeping with ISC Art 9.15.1, Competitors are responsible for all acts of persons to whom they have given access to the Reserved Areas.”

The incident resulted in Bolukbasi receiving a €5,000. In addition, his father had his paddock credentials withdrawn for the next F2 event that Bolukbasi competes in.

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