Francesco Totti: Top Five Goals of the Roma Legend’s Career

With 786 Roma appearances to his name, Francesco Totti is undeniably one of the greatest players in the club’s history, and to celebrate his magnificent legacy, we’re looking back at his top five goals.

Blessed with remarkable talent, the Italian legend mesmerised fans with his incredible flare and footballing IQ. The phenomenal sportsman brought a new meaning to the number 10 role, functioning as a brilliant playmaker while also showcasing his versatility, regularly exhibiting his skills as a deep-lying forward, offering opportunities to the main striker.

His magnificent run at the pinnacle of the sport saw him demonstrate his love for Roma, remaining at the club for the entirety of his career, winning a Serie A title in the process. In addition, Totti proved himself on the international scene, playing a vital role in his country’s 2006 World Cup win. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the top five goals of his career.

5) Francesco Totti vs The Netherlands

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In moments of insurmountable pressure, most players crumble, but not Totti it simply wasn’t in his nature. In the semi-final of Euro 2000 against the Netherlands, the Italian stepped up to the spot in the shootout against one of the most fearsome shot-stoppers of all time Edwin van der Sar.

The two titans of the footballing world faced off with the crowd on the edge of their seats over who was going to come out on top. Prior to the moment of magic, Totti turned to Luigi Di Biagio and told him that he was going to attempt a, ‘Mo je faccio er Cucchiaio.’ which means ‘Now I’m doing a ‘spoon’ – the Italian term for a Panenka.

But saying that, and actually doing it in the moment are two very different things. However, true to his word, Totti tried the shot, executing it with ease to send his side into the final.

4) Francesco Totti vs Parma

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With a Serie A title on the line, in 2001, Totti knew his side had no choice but to produce a victory over Parma. However, momentum wasn’t on their side, with his team having drawn their last two games, with Juventus breathing heavily down their neck.

But Totti wasn’t the type of man to let things get to him. With just 20 minutes gone, he steamed into the box like a raging bull, smashing the ball into the back of the net before ripping off his shirt and racing towards his beloved fans to celebrate.

3) Francesco Totti vs Inter Milan

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Producing an effort that literally ‘P***es off’ Inter Milan goalkeeper, Julio Cesar, to this day, is no easy feat. But somehow, Totti managed it. The sporting genius picked up the ball in midfield and utilised his sublime dribbling to navigate his way around three defenders.

Then, spotting a moment of opportunity, he noticed Cesar was slightly off his line. Consequently, he lifted the ball beautifully over the Brazilian and into the middle of the net.

2) Francesco Totti vs Torino

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Fabio Capello isn’t the easiest manager to please, but Totti’s brilliance even brought him to tears back in 2002. After being put through on goal by Vincent Candela, the unstoppable athlete showcased his silky feet, faking a shot to leave the keeper in No Man’s Land, before putting a defender in the dust and calmly slotting the ball into the bottom corner.

1) Francesco Totti vs Sampdoria

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While the rest of Totti’s goals have undisputedly gone down as some of the best in Italian history, this one tops the lot. In 2006, in a heated game against Sampdoria, he showed power, technique and placement in abundance.


With just 17 minutes left on the clock, Marco Cassetti delivered a through ball to his teammate, who was waiting on the left flank. And while most players would cut inside or look for a pass, Totti smashed the ball home from the most impossible of angles to remind the world that he’s truly one of the best players to ever lace up the boots.

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