Fury makes bold third round ‘quit in corner’ claim ahead of Joshua fight

Tyson Fury’s has claimed he will “quit in the corner” if he doesn’t knock Anthony Joshua out within three rounds, ahead of their potential upcoming fight.

He made the comments in an Instagram video after launching a series of insults at his fellow Brit.

Fury called Joshua a “big ugly s***house” and a “big useless dosser” in a 45 second-long series of clips.

“AJ, if you go past three rounds with me, I’ll quit in the corner,” he said.

“Because that’s how confident I am taking you cold out within the first two or three rounds. Out – out like a light switch.”

Fury calls oout UFC and WWE

Those words came after Fury had called out UFC star Francis Ngannou and former WWE heavyweight champion Drew McIntyre.

He reserved a slight variation of his trademark insult for Ngannou, calling him a “big ugly dosser”.

He said: “This is a message to Francis Ngannou and the UFC guys.

“Look, you want some of this Gypsy King money, you know where to come and find it.

“You want some of this Gypsy King power, I’ll give it you. Any time, any place, anywhere.

“Seven days a week and twice on a Sunday, you big ugly dosser.”

Turning his attentions to McIntyre, Fury added: “This is a special message to my long-haired boyfriend Drew McIntyre, who can’t stop thinking about me and can’t stop talking about me.

“Drew, you want a good hiding, I’ll give it you too. Any time, any place, anywhere.”

It wasn’t a quiet evening on the boxing scene by any means.

Updates about the status of the Fury/Joshua fight had been scarce in the last few days, with Fury’s US promoter Bob Arum telling Boxing Scene on Monday that he hadn’t heard from Eddie Hearn for a week.

However, Hearn has since responded, saying he is not concerned by Arum’s comments before adding that “everybody’s on board” for the fight.

Featured Image Credit: Getty / Tyson Fury Twitter