Gary Neville left astounded by Anthony Joshua’s boxing skills

A new interview between Gary Neville and Anthony Joshua has showcased just how insane AJ’s boxing ability really is.

A new series called The Overlap has seen Neville take part in fun events and interviews with the likes of Harry Maguire, Harry Kane, Sadiq Khan and now even Anthony Joshua.

Gary has always seemingly had a keen interest in expanding outside of just his punditry work and now, fans get to see him in a whole new light – which includes him taking part in some boxing training.

Neville was one of the featured faces at Euro 2020 as a pundit but has also been one of the main men for Sky Sports in the Premier League for many years now.

Gary “The Great” Neville

Anthony Joshua, on the other hand, is the heavyweight champion of the world and is just a matter of weeks away from a huge test against Oleksandr Usyk.

In the following video we see Neville watch in awe as Joshua does his thing before AJ speaks candidly about whether or not his proposed superfight against Tyson Fury is actually going to happen.

YouTube video

“We’ll fight, 100 per cent, let’s do it.

“I’ll smoke that guy. I will. It’s annoying. For me, I don’t really get into the Twitter back and forth, because it’s Twitter fingers.

“Anyone can sit behind a computer and talk. Let’s be real, let’s be honest. Let’s let the people know.

“You’re the one that let the fans down, because everyone seems to think.

“I fought on December 12th. When they were like, ‘Who do you want to fight next?’ I said I don’t want to call out any names.

“And I know because I’m going to start shouting out people’s names and I’m going to be in this position now where the guys’ name I’m shouting out doesn’t want to fight or he’s not ready to fight.”

Joshua is set to fight Usyk on September 25 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

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