Hafthor Bjornsson looks in unreal shape ahead of Eddie Hall boxing match

Hafthor Bjornsson has dropped 50kg ahead of his highly-anticipated fight with Eddie Hall – and the Icelandic weightlifter looks in unbelievable shape.

Bjornsson – who also plays the role of Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane on the TV series Game of Thrones – has dropped from 205kg to 155kg (around 110lbs), and shared comparison photos of himself at both weights on Instagram on Tuesday.

A five-time winner of Europe’s Strongest Man and winner of the World’s Strongest Man in 2018, Bjornsson retired from World’s Strongest Man competition in May of last year.

He finished second in the 2017 staging of the latter competition, behind Hall.

Bjornsson claimed after the event that he had been “robbed” of finishing in joint-first, alongside Hall.

He wrote on Instagram: “Really proud of my effort in the Viking Press at the World’s Strongest Man.

“I completed 15 reps but the referee took the last rep away from me. They say I double dipped.

“This would have been equal first place with Eddie Hall, which would have scored me one point higher. I know it’s only one point, but sometimes one point can change the game completely.”

Bjornsson then accused Hall and referee Colin Bryce of cheating.

The fight between Hall and Bjornsson is due to take place in September, and has been billed as the “Heaviest Boxing Match in History”.

Bjornsson made his boxing debut back in January, fighting to a draw against Steven Ward in a three-round exhibition in Dubai.

He was due to face off against former Australia’s Strongest Man and MMA fighter Alex Simon, but the fight was cancelled due to Simon picking up an injury.

Both men will meet in the ring this September at a yet-to-be-decided venue.

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