Hector Bellerin reveals latest Volta Football apparel collection

EA Sports FIFA have revealed the latest apparel drop to come from Hector Bellerin’s VOLTA Football collection.

Bellerin, Creative Director of VOLTA, has followed up his release earlier in the year, with five brand new in-game drops.

Each kit has been designed to reflect the changes Bellerin wants to see in the world, mimicking an expression of his core values.

Bellerin’s VOLTA collection and influence

EA Sports

Kit 1 – Athletico De Barcelona: Inspired by Bellerin’s home city, a place of colour, culture, life and youth. The Catalonian flag is the biggest inspiration behind the colour scheme, reminding the Arsenal man of home.

EA Sports

Kit 2 – Perma Club: The Perma Culture concept comes from being and living more sustainably in your own home.

The colour scheme behind this kit is inspired by earthy colours, which is why the brown, green and warm tones carry through.  

EA Sports

Kit 3 – SPORTING L.G.B.T.Q.I.A: A celebration of London’s self-expressive nature.

The design intends to highlight the issue of accepting people’s sexuality, especially in football.

EA Sports

Kit 4 – United Recycled: A kit dedicated to inspiring people to recycle when it comes to fashion.

Taking inspiration from 70s and 80s patterns, this release intends to promote the message of reusing products and making more sustainable choices.

EA Sports

Kit 5 – Kumbaya Union: This kit was started around the time protests erupted following the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The defender wanted a collection that represented unity. Having grown up with a Senegalese best friend, he became ingrained in the culture, inspiring him to create this design.

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All of the new kits are available in VOLTA Football from today. Players can also access DJ Snake within the game mode, as he joins the Groundbreakers ranks alongside other celebrity names including Giannis Antetokounmpo, Lamar Jackson, Dua Lipa and Diplo.

Featured image credit: EA Sports