Hulk Hogan and David Seaman battle it out for the title of the ‘Greatest Moustache in Sports History’

With Movember in full swing, there isn’t a better time to pit Hulk Hogan and David Seaman against one another in a battle of the Moustaches.

Blessed with sublime athletic talent, an unrelenting will to win, and the uncanny ability to grow fantastic facial hair, the two magnificent sportsmen have gone down in history as having the best moustaches on the planet. Therefore, it goes without saying that they have enormous respect for one another. But in a competition as ferocious as this, only one man can come out on top.

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Hulk Hogan and David Seaman go toe-to-toe

To finally settle the age-old debate once and for all, gave more than 1000 sports fans the option of six of the best-groomed men on Earth and asked them to select their number one pick.

Unsurprisingly, Don Fyre, Aaron Rodgers, Andy Reid and Travis Kelce all fell by the wayside to make room for the two big dogs. Having secured 29% of the vote, 18% clear of the man in third, the runner-up fought valiantly, but not quite well enough to secure the victory.

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Showcasing a Moustache that will be remembered for a very long time to come, Seaman deservedly came in second. Having represented England and Arsenal, the former goalkeeper deserves all the credit in the world, for the years he put into growing his famous stash.

With the shot-stopper missing out on the gold medal, that means only one thing. Exhibiting a beautiful ‘Horseshoe Moustache’ that he’s still sporting today, with 36.2% of the vote, Hulk Hogan has earned the accolade of ‘The Best Moustache in Sporting History’. And in a testament to the WWE Hall of Famer’s love of nostalgia, he’s still refusing to shave to this day a real icon.

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Hulk Hogan and David Seaman top the list of the best Moustaches in sports history

AthletePercentage of votes
Hulk Hogan36.2%
David Seaman29%
Travis Kelce11%
Andy Reid8%
Aaron Rodgers8%
Don Fyre7.8%

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