Ian Wright makes X-rated Liverpool admission during stage show

Since Manchester City’s rise to power under Pep Guardiola, Liverpool have been their most consistent challengers at the top of the table, and according to Ian Wright, without them, the Premier League would be a far worse place.

Since Manchester United‘s descent down the footballing pyramid, two teams have risen to the very top, and stayed there. That has, in turn, created one of the greatest managerial rivalries in football history.

Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have spent the last five years at loggerheads as they’ve desperately tried to defeat the other over a 38-game period.

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Their title races have made for fierce and unmissable action, and although City have triumphed four times in the last five years, the footballing public still can’t take their eyes off the drama. Especially considering Liverpool’s promise of a quadruple in 2021/22.

Although this year’s campaign has yet to really catch fire, most fans assume that it will be these two teams dancing at the top of the mountain, come the end of the season.

However, if there wasn’t the threat of Liverpool, an Arsenal legend feels the league would lack the competitiveness necessary to make the competition compelling viewing.

Ian Wright talks Liverpool and Manchester City rivalry

During an appearance on the OTB Cadbury FC Roadshow, the ex-striker gave his unfiltered opinion on the importance of the Reds to the top division in recent years.

He said: “I thought Fulham were amazing on the first day, the way they put pressure on Liverpool.”

Wright continued: “The reason why they’ve done that, is that they know that Liverpool have chased down a Man City side that are imperious. If it wasn’t for Liverpool, this f***ing league would be sh*t.”

“Simply because [City] have beaten them on two occasions by one point, and then they hammered them out of sight. If it weren’t for Liverpool, it would be a procession.”

The Reds are in action tonight as they take on Manchester United at Old Trafford, looking to reduce the gap to their perennial rivals to two points after three games.

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