Independent wrestler Joe Black involved in fight with fan during event

While most fans enjoyed the action at the latest edition of IWE Pro-wrestling, one spectator took his feelings against Joe Black to a whole new level.

In wrestling, the performers utilise different personas and gimmicks to stand out from the crowd.

The likes of John Cena and Rey Mysterio play fan-favourite babyfaces, and with this, they’ve developed worldwide popularity. However, in contrast, other superstars portray much more eccentric characters.

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For instance, Hurricane Helms’ superhero persona gave The WWE Universe some much needed comic relief.

The Undertaker, meanwhile, optimises darkness. His terrifying aura and explosive performances captivated fans for years.

However, ‘The Deadman’ doesn’t, of course, actually burn houses down and sleep in caskets, other than the odd occasion he needed a hint of rest backstage. And Helms doesn’t spend his nights on the streets looking for bad guys.

Both men are simply ideal exponents of playing a role to an exceptionally high standard. However, a minority of fans sometimes fail to differentiate reality from the gimmicks seen on-screen.

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The heel characters iconically get a massive response from the audience. The likes of Chris Jericho and The Miz have wound viewers up to no end. However, most understand that they’re merely providing an extra edge to proceedings.

Despite this, during an independent show in Georgia, USA, a crowd member let his frustrations get the best of him.

Joe Black attacked by a fan

As independent wrestler Joe Black leaves the ring, in standard heel fashion, he appears to remain in character as he continues to disgruntle the crowd.

But after flicking his hand over the barrier, a fan gets to his feet and plants a brutal headbutt on his face. Black, clearly taken aback, takes a second to gather his thoughts before landing several blows of his own.

We can’t tell whether he actually made contact with the fan first, and it is also unclear why the fan was riled up.

But regardless, the pair engaged in a full-on brawl, with multiple referees and security guards desperately trying to stop the two men from trading leather while the crowd screamed to get the man out of the building.

At the time, there is no news on whether any charges have been filed.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / @Casshooole