Jack Grealish goes after local reporter for damning piece on Man City player

Jack Grealish has hit out at a Birmingham Mail reporter for a piece he wrote regarding the Englishman’s move from Aston Villa to Manchester City.

By now the story of Grealish moving from the Midlands to Manchester has been told over and over again with Villa fans still feeling a little bitter about the whole saga. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and some were able to recognise that Jack was merely doing what he felt was best for his career as he went in search of Champions League football.

Grealish finally snaps

Before England were able to dispatch of Hungary in their 4-0 triumph last night, Grealish spoke to ITV about the switch and what the motivation was behind it. He made it clear that he did believe the £100 million release clause Villa set for him would be met, which was “why we had it put in”.

Ashley Preece of the BM called it a classless interview before going on to write an opinion piece about the whole ordeal. Unsurprisingly, this prompted a pretty frustrated Grealish to respond on social media.

“This is the worst and most one sided article I’ve ever seen.. Classless? Jealous? Couldn’t wait to get out? Arrogance? How exactly? I’ve been a villa fan my whole life and still am. The thing is you don’t understand what goes on in the real football world.”

There’s every chance Preece believes what he said but he may also have known how much controversy this would generate – either way, the Grealish debate isn’t going away anytime soon.

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