Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley make absurd tattoo bet ahead of fight

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley have agreed to a ridiculous tattoo bet ahead of their boxing showdown next month.

For weeks now we’ve been waiting to see some kind of explosion between Paul and Woodley after their bout was announced. Now, an official press conference has been held – and there’s a whole lot to discuss.

Tyron Woodley is a former UFC welterweight champion but within the context of professional boxing, Jake Paul is the more experienced competitor out of the two.

Who is gonna get the tat?

We all know there’s going to be plenty of things said between the rivals, especially after Paul knocked out Woodley’s friend and training partner Ben Askren.

However, few could’ve expected “The Problem Child” to put forward the following proposal.

“Let’s make a bet – if I beat you, you get ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattooed on you. But if you beat me, I get ‘I love Tyron Woodley’ tattooed on me, and you have to post it on your Instagram feed. Deal or no deal? Are you confident or not?” 

After Woodley opted to ask the crowd what he should do, Paul poked the bear by suggesting “this guy has no f***ing confidence” – prompting “T-Wood” to accept the bet.

Some aren’t going to enjoy these antics and that makes a lot of sense, given how much criticism the Paul brothers have received from the wider combat sports community. Alas, “tattoo bets” are the latest in a long line of promotional tactics – and such marketing can’t be overlooked.

Woodley is going to get the biggest payday of his entire career when he faces off against Paul and win or lose, we imagine he’ll be satisfied with his decision to take this fight.

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley is set to take place in Cleveland on August 29.

Featured image credit: Getty