Petition calling for England-Italy rematch might be debated in UK Parliament

UK Parliament could well debate for England to have a rematch against Italy for the Euro 2020 trophy after an angry supporter’s petition demanding that the final be held again hit over 100,000 signatures.

The petition started after a fan felt Giorgio Chiellini’s challenge on Bukayo Saka in injury time at Wembely should have resulted in a red card rather than the yellow which was handed out by the referee Bjorn Kuipers.

The description reads: “The match on 11/07/2021 was not fair at all. After Italy only receiving a yellow card for dragging England players.”

“All the pushes, pulls and kicks and Italy was still allowed to win? Definitely biased. Italy should have been given a red card for their gameplay and the rematch should happen with a non-biased referee. This was not fair at all.

Further to this, the petition-maker wrote this update: “I am working on sending as many emails to agencies and possible people who will be able to help and assist more. Carry on sharing and commenting, signing, doing everything you can. Let’s try our hardest to get our country a fair chance!”

Italy knocked England out of the final after winning on penalties. Three Lions fans feel aggrieved, however, that Italy players were given yellow cards when they should have been red cards. A point in question is Giorgio Chiellini’s pull on Bukayo Saka.

At the time of writing, the petition has close to 130,000 signatures.

Room for debate?

Rules as per the UK Government read: “At 100,000 signatures your petition on the UK Government and Parliament site will be considered for a debate in Parliament.”

“Petitions which reach 100,000 signatures are almost always debated. But we may decide not to put a petition forward for debate if the issue has already been debated recently or there’s a debate scheduled for the near future.”

Such reading makes the implausible become that ever bit more plausible.

Featured Image Credit: Getty