Jake Paul wants to fight Canelo and become world champion

Jake Paul has laid out his plans for the next few years of his boxing career – including fighting Canelo Alvarez and becoming a world champion.

Despite only holding a 3-0 professional record, which includes wins over a YouTuber, a former NBA star and an ex-UFC fighter, Jake Paul seems to be one of the biggest names in the sport right now.

He’s done an incredible job of building his brand alongside his brother Logan and, as we look ahead to his next fight against Tyron Woodley, it definitely feels as if there’s plenty of gas left in the tank for “The Problem Child” and his team.

How far can Jake Paul go?

In the build-up to the Woodley showdown, Paul has put forward his proposal for what his time in boxing could look like in the not so distant future.

“I am the most impactful 3-0 boxer in history. No fighter has ever accomplished what I’ve accomplished after three fights. People say I don’t deserve it but I’m earning more than any fighter, three fights in.

“I haven’t been hit in the face in three fights. That’s a fact. That’s unheard of for a professional boxer. 

“I want to add experience. I want to go after Canelo in three years. I want to be a world champion.”

“Eighteen months ago I said I wanted to fight Conor and people laughed. Now I’m laughing at Conor. He needs Jake Paul more than I need him. I would knock the fake teeth out of his mouth. McGregor would not stand a chance.”

After Conor McGregor’s loss to Dustin Poirier last weekend, there’s a slim chance this could actually end up happening.

For now, though, Jake Paul will be focusing on his upcoming August 29 meeting with Tyron Woodley in Cleveland, Ohio.

Featured image credit: Getty