Jake Paul claims he’s in talks to fight Conor McGregor

Jake Paul has sensationally claimed that he’s in talks to have a boxing match against Conor McGregor.

After months of Paul being ridiculed by the general public and combat sports fans, there’s now a very good chance he could be just one win away from a showdown with McGregor. “The Problem Child” has already knocked out Ben Askren with Tyron Woodley on the horizon, whereas “The Notorious” is coming off the back of consecutive losses to Dustin Poirier – as well as a broken leg.

Is Paul vs McGregor set to become a reality?

If there was ever going to be a window for this to happen it’s probably going to be in the next 12 months, so long as McGregor is able to complete a full recovery.

During a recent interview with Colin Cowherd, Jake Paul made a bold claim by suggesting his team is already in talks with McGregor’s representatives.

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“I think it will happen. Look, I mean, I’m the money fight for Conor McGregor right now,” Paul said. “There is no other fighter right now who is on a bigger level than me that is calling out Conor McGregor and wants to fight Conor. 

“Our team is in touch with his team and there’s talks of it actually happening. And people at first thought I was just joking when I said I wanted to fight him. 

“But now it’s as real as it gets, it’s more real than ever and by the way, if we do fight, I’m going to knock him out.”

It certainly isn’t going to go down well with many fans but it might be wise to get your head around the idea of this actually going down.

First, though, Jake Paul needs to gear up for the biggest test of his boxing career thus far as he prepares to box Tyron Woodley on August 29 in Ohio.

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