Jake Paul joins Professional Fighters League, starting MMA career

Social media star and boxer Jake Paul has made a switch in his career, signing up for a mixed martial arts (MMA) organisation. Paul has joined the Professional Fighters League, forming a new division there, too.

In an announcement on PFL’s Twitter, Paul revealed his entry into the MMA world. Additionally, he unveiled the PFL PPV Super Fight Division.

“Not only am I an MMA fighter officially signed to an organisation. But I am also a co-founder of the New PFL PPV Super Fight Division,” explained Paul, via PFL Twitter.

“As the head of fighter advocacy, I’m going to use my platform to market MMA fighters and introduce them to my fans worldwide,” he continued. “I will be deeply involved to make sure the PFL is the best place in the world for fighters.

“As you guys know, I have been trying to increase fighter pay for all fighters worldwide. With the launch of this new PFL Super Fight division, our fighters will be receiving 50% of the revenue. Yes – you heard that correctly.”

He adds that this equal revenue split also has no limitations when it comes to individuality.

Therefore, fighters can have their own sponsorship and endorsement opportunities, too.

“As we know, the UFC does not allow this,” he added, in a shot at the rival federation. “You have to do what they tell you… And wear what you’re told and promote what you’re told.”

Per MMA expert Ariel Helwani, Jake Paul has signed a multi-year deal with the PFL. He also owns equity in the company as a result of his involvement in the Super Fight division.

But Paul is serious about fighting in the SmartCage. For example, he has already offered a match to an ex-UFC star.

Jake Paul offers Nate Diaz both a boxing and MMA match

Interestingly, the internet personality has also produced a unique offer for Nate Diaz. He has thrown down the gauntlet to the former UFC fighter in the form of two fights.

Firstly, Jake Paul wants to take on Diaz in a boxing match. Following this, the pair will do battle once more – but this time in the discipline of MMA.

Paul has stated that there will be six months of prep/recovery time between the two bouts.

“If that’s not balls, I don’t know what is,” said the online star, via his YouTube channel. “Nate Diaz, I’m down to fight you in your damn sport! It’s a two-fight deal – let’s make it happen.”

Currently, at time of writing, Diaz is yet to respond to Paul’s offer.

The pair have previously beefed with one another. For example, they have argued on Twitter in the past, with Paul saying he could knock out Diaz in 2021.

Then, last year, the fighters and their entourages clashed at Jake Paul’s boxing match vs Anderson Silva.

Pauls’ sensational decision to take on a mixed martial arts veteran at his own game is massive news for combat sports.

We will have to wait and see whether their fight comes to fruition.

Featured image credit: YouTube/Jake Paul