Jake Paul steroid accusations: Why are so many UFC alumni talking about it?

UFC alumni keep asking the same question: ‘Is Jake Paul on steroids?’ Rumours about the star’s drug use have re-surfaced after Dana White’s latest accusations.

First of all, it should be stated that there is no solid evidence of Jake Paul using steroids. However, the rumours have existed for a while.

The UFC president has always been suspicious of Paul’s meteoric rise as a boxer. Yesterday, he challenged him to be randomly tested for steroids.

White is hardly the first person to claim that Jake Paul is on steroids. In fact, this is the latest episode in a long-standing history of accusations that goes all the way back to Paul’s beginnings as a boxer.

Jake Paul and steroids: A history of the accusations

Paul’s improved physique first raised a few eyebrows in 2019, as Paul went from average guy-next-door to ripped jock in just a few months. His toned torso led fans to believe that there was something fishy about his body transformation.

His brother Logan was also linked to steroid use ahead of his boxing rematch with KSI. However, it was later reported that KSI and Paul were both tested before the match via the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The story didn’t die there, with Jake shortly being called out.

Firas Zahabi has been one of Paul’s most vocal critics. He directly accused him of being on PEDs before the YouTuber’s fight against Tyron Woodley last year.

“I didn’t want to mention it, but my number one factor — Jake Paul’s corner, they’re going to be on all sorts of substances. When I say he’s bigger and stronger and he’s more athletic, I think he’s basically on PEDs”.

Zahabi’s accusations were then echoed by other fighters. Joe Rogan has spoken about the accusations on his podcast and Tyron Woodley implied that Paul was taking PEDs before their first boxing bout.

Last year, Tommy Fury’s camp accused Paul of refusing to get tested ahead of their boxing match. While writing out the contract for their fight, Paul would not agree on including VADA testing as a pre-fight requirement.

Paul vehemently denied having refused to get tested. As the match didn’t go ahead because of Fury’s injury, the accusations weren’t taken any further.

Jake Paul’s answer to his doubters: “I take Oreos and popcorn”

Now, Jake Paul has replied to White’s accusations. The boxer has taken the allegations as a compliment, claiming that the UFC president is grasping at straws to explain Paul’s flawless boxing record.

Expressing an openness to get tested, Paul went on to mock his own physical appearance:

“Steroid test me whenever the f*ck you want. It is two weeks after my fight and I’m a fat b*tch. I don’t do steroids and I take it as a compliment because there’s no other excuse to me knocking out all of your champions than, ‘This kid does steroids.’

“I take Oreos and popcorn. Not steroids.”

There is a catch. Paul will get tested for steroids, but only on one condition.

“If you steroid test me, then I want to steroid test every one of your fighters. You won’t want to do it, though, will you?”

The UFC has a complicated history of steroids use, but the company has taken further action against doping recently. Since 2016, their website has publicly displayed every athlete sanctioned for a doping violation.

With Paul’s and White’s penchant for riling each other up, it’s hard to see the story ending here.

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