Jeff Hardy reveals his favourite WWE match

Jeff Hardy is one of the most entertaining superstars in WWE history. His high-flying manoeuvres have been captivating fans for decades.

The 44-year-old has achieved a great deal in the sport. At the Armageddon PPV in 2008, he defeated Triple H to become WWE World Champion, and he was also part of the legendary ‘Hardy Boyz’ tag team alongside his brother Matt.

‘The Enigmatic Soul’ has been involved in some incredible matches throughout his time in the company. But which one was his favourite?

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Jeff Hardy’s favourite match

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, Jeff Hardy revealed his favourite WWE match.

“There are so many good ones with Matt, as a tag-team, but in my solo career, I would have to say the Undertaker,” said Hardy. “It changed my life. It was a ladder match, and I was the underdog taking on the man. People still compliment me on that match to this day, and it makes me feel immortal.”

The contest in question took place on a Monday Night Raw back in July 2002. Hardy goaded the Undertaker into accepting a match with him and proved himself to be a world-class operator. He may not have been able to rip the title away from the ‘Dead Man’, but his incredible in-ring ability still shone through.

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What is Jeff Hardy doing now?

Jeff Hardy remains a valued member of the WWE roster. Although he hasn’t held a world title belt since 2008, he is still adored by wrestling fans worldwide. Many hope that the high-flyer may have one more title reign left in the tank.