Jermaine Jenas wants to race Steven Gerrard in a Formula E car

While Jermaine Jenas has competed against an array of footballing greats, there’s no man he’d rather race against in Formula E than Steven Gerrard.

Having proven himself as a competitor, willing to put it all on the line for his team, it comes as no surprise that Jenas has gravitated towards his new presenting role with the motorsport championship for electric cars. With an unrivalled ability to capture drama, action, and genuine sporting greatness, Formula E is slowly taking over the industry, with fans around the globe flocking towards E-Prix events, the latest of which scheduled to take place tomorrow in São Paulo, Brazil.

The infectious nature of the sport has quickly taken hold of the Tottenham great’s heart. From the speed, acceleration and sheer power of the vehicles, Formula E creates a buzz like no other, which has left Jenas, like many others, desperate to sit behind the wheel himself. And there’s one man he’d love to go toe-to-toe against in a battle of English footballing greats.

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Jermaine Jenas would love to race against Steven Gerrard in Formula E

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, he explained: “I always want to compete at the top. Steven Gerrard is one of the best players to ever play in the Premier League, so I wouldn’t mind jumping in a Formula E car and going head-to-head with Stevie because in football, you always came out the other side a better player. Even if he absolutely tore you apart, you knew you were in a game. So, that would be a great race.”

However, while a match-up with Liverpool’s finest would undeniably capture the attention of the masses, Formula E is about more than individual success. To really make it in this sport, it’s necessary to find a teammate capable of helping you raise your game to its optimum level. And there’s only one person that Jenas can picture as his right-hand man.

Jermaine Jenas would love to team-up with Robbie Keane in Formula E

The 41-year-old explained: “I’d probably pick Robbie Keane. Him and Ledley King were my captains at Spurs, and probably the closest relationship on and off the field I had with a player was ‘Keano’. From a footballing capacity, I could go to him with any problem, be it tactical or personal.”

While driving the car is an integral element of Formula E, the process behind the scenes is just as significant. Ultimately, the endless hours of hard work that go into designing the vehicle are just as important as what the driver achieves in front of the grandstand of roaring fans. And Jenas knows the one element he’d prioritise if he ever received the opportunity to create his very own electric race car.

Jermaine Jenas reveals how he’d design his Formula E car

He beamed: “It’s got to be speed. In this sport, speed and power go hand-in-hand. You’ve got to be able to keep it on the track, though. You need brains behind the wheel. I played with a lot of speed merchants in my time, like Kyle Walker, Gareth Bale, Aaron Lennon, Craig Bellamy and Kieran Dyer, absolute machines when it comes to speed. I’ve seen how beneficial it was for their careers, so I think I’ll go with that.”

With a love of football coursing through his veins, Jenas can’t wait to watch the greatest drivers on the planet battle it out in the very same state that the great Pele showcased his brilliance.

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In less than 24 hours time, the former midfielder will walk out to the track, breathe in the atmosphere that only Formula E can create, and simply revel in doing the job that has become such a major part of his life.

The ex-England star exclaimed: “My dad wanted to call me Socrates because of the Brazil 1970 team. There’d have been a lot to live up to if he did. I’m delighted to be here. The racing culture in Formula E has blown me away. I can’t wait to see this place light up.

“There’s going to be energy and passion. It’s a carnival country. I think there’s going to be a samba atmosphere, a lot of dancing and music. I’m hoping to see a lot of flare. I think whoever carries the most of that into tomorrow will win the race.”

Motorsports enthusiasts can watch the Formula E, São Paulo E-Prix, live and exclusively on TNT Sports.

Featured Image Credit: Formula E / Jermaine Jenas