From video game rivalry to Formula E glory – The Mitch Evans and Nick Cassidy story

With friendship at the core of their partnership, Mitch Evans and Nick Cassidy have forged their Formula E bond in fire.

From the moment they first set foot in go-karts, at just six years of age, the New Zealand icons knew they were destined for greatness. The pair went above and beyond to help each other reach their optimum potential despite regularly competing on opposite sides. And while this situation may have broken even the closest of pals, it only bonded the Kiwis tighter together, creating an unrivalled chemistry that has seen them become Formula E’s best side this season.

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Through all those years, the boys never let the stress of competition bring them down, always focusing on their friendship, rather than the rivalry that could’ve caused them to drift apart, albeit despite the fact that things could get a little heated when they collided on the PlayStation.

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, Evans reminisced: “It was any racing games or in go-karts in Auckland, New Zealand. We even had little simulators early on. It was normally racing-based. When you’re young and full of ambition, you’re super competitive. We still are now, but those gaming rivalries can be pretty vicious.”

Going into the São Paulo E-Prix in Brazil, Jaguar currently leads the table, with the rest of the field quaking in their boots over the racing brilliance they undeniably bring to the sport. Blessed with a gift that only they share, the racing titans have utilised their remarkable teamwork honed through years of memories to become a force that even the fiercest teams in the competition have to take seriously.

Mitch Evans and Nick Cassidy are the closest team in Formula E

Being such an integral part of each other’s lives, the two racing juggernauts have shared many a happy moment off the track. But nothing compares to the rush of competing in Formula E.

The 29-year-old explained: “It’s great, we’re teammates this year, but we’ve known each other since we were six. We’ve been best friends for a long time. We finished second and third in the World Championship last year. We had a few one-twos as well; our first one was here. Those sorts of memories are really special. I got the first, and he got second here. In Monaco, it was the other way around. For our little country, that’s quite special. We have loads of memories together. We hope to build on them and make them better.”

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Evans’ road to the top of the mountain has been nothing short of remarkable. With a passion for racing coursing through his veins, at just 16, the ferocious competitor said goodbye to his life in sunny New Zealand, moving with his mother to the wind and rain of the UK in a determined bid to achieve his racing destiny.

He remembered: “My mum stayed with me for a couple of months. She had to try and help me get by and teach me life skills. She then went back to New Zealand and left me on my own. It was a huge transition in my life. But honestly, it was a no-brainer, I had a really good time. Off-track, it was a big change, but I needed to get over here as quickly as possible, and it’s all worked out.”

Together, Evans and Cassidy have united a nation, with Formula E fans across the country tuning in to watch their heroes in action. And in just a matter of hours, the pair will set foot in their cars in São Paulo, Brazil, knowing nothing other than perfection will be enough to defend their place at the top of the leaderboard. But having already achieved so much together, Evans knows exactly what they’re capable of.


He beamed: “We’re going to back up our race win from last year. It’s going to be a really hot day and a hard race to manage. It could be anyone’s. But we’re doing all we can to fight for victory. The main game is scoring big points to get a win or a podium.”

Motorsports enthusiasts can watch the Formula E, Sao Paulo E-Prix, tonight, live and exclusively on TNT Sports.

Featured Image Credit: Formula E / Pixabay