‘He brings the youth out of me’ — Oliver Rowland on being a ‘role model’ to his Formula E Nissan teammate — Sacha Fenestraz

Blessed with heart, grit and determination, Oliver Rowland possesses all the qualities an athlete should aspire to have, making him a more than worthy role model for his Nissan teammate — Sacha Fenestraz.

Possessing an unrivalled fighting spirit, the Englishman is renowned for his never-say-die attitude, always giving it his all, regardless of the size of the hurdles placed in front of him. When things didn’t go according to plan with Mahindra during last season’s Formula E campaign, he refused to let the situation define him, using his emotions as the fuel to his fire to claw his way back to the top of the sport.

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In a testament to his unrelenting will to win, the Yorkshireman has proved his place among the very best in the competition, securing pole position in Saudi Arabia. Ultimately, his tremendous form can be attributed to his return home to Nissan — a team that undeniably allows him to compete to the best of his ability.

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, he explained: “It took a couple of races, but what we achieved there was the target moving back here. I would say I have confidence. I’m still finding my way in the team, trying to understand some stuff with the car and getting the perfect working range with the engineers. But the race was a good one, and hopefully, we can continue the momentum here in Brazil and have a strong weekend.”

Oliver Rowland is inspiring Sacha Fenestraz to achieve big things in Formula E

Rowland’s remarkable resurgence has proven that with hard work and a positive attitude anything is possible. And he’s aiming to pass that lesson down to his teammate.

Rowland said: “It’s a new environment for me because I’ve always been the younger teammate, and now I have stepped up to be a role model. Honestly, we have a great relationship, we have good fun. He brings the youth out of me. We’re pushing the team in a good direction. Plans on Saturday night depend on the result. If it’s a good one, we’ll have some fun.”


To his credit, in a bid to grow their bond even further, the Barnsley sportsman has been making an attempt to learn his Argentinian counterpart’s language. Although, by his own admission, he’s a long way off fluent yet.

He laughed: “My Spanish is non-existent, to be honest. My engineer is actually Spanish as well, but I’m not speaking much of it at the moment.”

In a matter of hours, the Nissan stars will step out in front of a roaring grandstand at the Formula E São Paulo E-Prix in Brazil and give it their all to solidify their place as contenders for the championship. And motorsports enthusiasts can watch all the action live and exclusively on TNT Sports.

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