Joe Rogan gives his verdict on Thor Bjornsson’s boxing ability

Joe Rogan gave his views on the boxing technique of Thor Bjornsson ahead of the strongman’s superhuman showdown with Eddie Hall.

The two bitter rivals are settling their differences this weekend, on Saturday 19th March. Hall and Bjornsson’s bout is drawing interest from across the sporting world – their sheer power means a lot of viewers will expect a knockout.

However, sceptics express reservations about whether simply being one of the world’s strongest men makes someone a good boxer.

For instance, Joe Rogan actually critiqued footage of Eddie Hall sparring previously, labelling the Englishman’s boxing “stiff” and “very rudimentary.”

The UFC commentator also cast his eye over ‘The Mountain’.

Joe Rogan on Thor’s technique

Speaking on his podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ Rogan was left impressed by the footage he had seen.

“He [Bjornsson] put up a video of him hitting the pads, and I have to say, he’s doing everything right,” Rogan commented. “It’s interesting cos he’s learning how to box as he’s having matches, but the way he’s doing it is very intelligent.”

Joe Rogan also appreciated Thor Bjornsson’s composure.

“He’s not just gritting his teeth and throwing his arms and using all his physical muscle power. He’s learning how to do it correctly. Everything is like real smooth and polished and technical.”

YouTube video

It seems like Thor’s training is paying off. The Mountain has quashed the podcast host’s previous reservations about his boxing style.

“You have to be able to generate force quickly, but you also have to be supple,” said Rogan. “When I first saw him doing that, I was like ‘oh god, imagine going from being a strongman and being the Mountain on Game of Thrones to trying to box? Like this is so awkward.’ But not anymore.”

Rules of the bout

The pair’s long-awaited grudge match has a specific set of rules in place.

Firstly, the fight will have a maximum of six two-minute rounds. Although both have undergone intense training, question marks remain over their stamina in the ring.

As their match is under official professional boxing rules, neither fighter will be wearing a head guard. However, as a counterbalance, Hall and Bjornsson will have heavier padded 12oz gloves. Normally, pro boxers use 10oz gloves.

On the topic of scoring, there will be three judges sitting ringside to decide a winner if needed. Knockdowns will be scored as normal.

If a knockdown occurs, a traditional count to ‘10’ from the referee in the ring will determine whether or not the fight continues.

Information on start time, how to watch, and undercard fights can be found in our info article, linked below.

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Regardless of the standard of the boxing on show, Hall vs Bjornsson promises to be an entertaining battle between two titans.