Eddie Hall vs Thor Bjornsson: UK start time, how to watch, how much, fight card

The long-anticipated collision between Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson is almost upon us, and we’ve got everything you need to know, including the UK start time and much more.

After five years of animosity and rivalry, the two former World’s Strongest Men will finally trade leather in the ring. ‘The World’s Heaviest Boxing Match’, which will take place over six, three-minute rounds, will pit together two men who don’t like to lose.

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The pair reached the pinnacle of their field in strongman, and in the 2017 World Championships, the rivalry ignited. Hall emerged as the champion, but Thor rained on his parade by claiming the Brit only won due to poor officiating and disallowed repetitions.

This enraged the ‘King of the Strongmen’, who vowed to get back at the Game of Thrones star for ruining his moment. And now, the two finally get their chance to settle their differences. On March 19, at the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Stadium, the two men will battle it out, and in all likelihood, somebody is getting knocked out.

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What UK time will Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson go to war?

On Saturday night, the world will stand still as these two behemoths sling punches back and forth. The intriguing contest, which pits two completely different styles against each other, has fans conflicted. While Thor appears to have the better technical ability, the Englishman seems to look the more explosive.

The intriguing blend of skillsets is sure to make for an exciting contest, and fans can tune in to all the action live. The broadcast commences at 8:30 PM, with the main event scheduled to go down at 9 PM.

Where can you watch Eddie Hall vs Thor Bjornsson?

Perhaps the most intriguing element of this contest is that we have no idea what Hall is bringing. His arch-nemesis has looked remarkably coordinated for his size and talented throughout his three bouts to date. In comparison, Hall hasn’t had a single fight yet. That could play a massive factor on the night, but from a positive perspective, at least he’s going in with the element of surprise.

Surprisingly the boxing match doesn’t have a UK television deal. But it is available to watch for free through the streaming service Segi TV.

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How much will Eddie Hall vs Thor Bjornsson cost?

Fight week has kicked off in an explosive fashion. The two elite-level athletes had to be separated by security after their face-off got a bit too heated. Hall’s temper began to flare before he slung a horrific threat.

The powerhouse said: “If you touch me, I’ll bite your nose off.”

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The 34-year-old then proceeded to beg his rival to come outside before spitting in his direction, which ‘The Mountain’ then did in return.

Fights like this usually cost a fortune on PPV, but luckily for fans, Segi are showing the bout for free.

Is there anything to look out for on the Eddie Hall vs Thor Bjornsson undercard?

Usually, these mega-cards are stacked with a plethora of undercard fights full of prospects intending to make their names in front of a vast audience. But on this occasion, there won’t be a single bout aside from the main event.

Fans can switch on the stream and get straight into the build-up for this monstrous collision. With a combined weight of 683 pounds, the seismic power in the ring will transcend anything we’ve ever seen before.

A half decade long grudge comes to this18 minutes to settle the score. Hall and Thor will trade ferocious shots until the contest concludes.

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