Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson drum up publicity for fight with gym confrontation

Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson fuelled the fire ahead of their boxing match with an unwanted confrontation at a Dubai gym. The two will face off later this month during the ‘Heaviest Boxing Match in History.’

As two of the ‘World’s Strongest Men,’ Hall and Bjornsson know a thing or two about strength. Yet, during their unexpected meeting inside a gym, the two strong men struggled to contain themselves. While the pair are both heavyweights in their own right, they struggled to get to each other during the heated exchange.

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Anticipation for this fight has been building for some time. The two were due to fight six months ago, but a Hall injury saw it postponed to a later date. That date is this Saturday, March 19th, when the pair will finally face off in the ring.

Aside from the injury, preparations have been far from perfect for Hall. Yet to compete in a bout, Saturday’s fight will be the first time the 34-year-old has experienced the pressures of a ring.

By contrast, Bjornsson is quickly becoming accustomed to life in a boxing ring. Instead of Hall’s passive approach, the Icelandic strong man’s preparations have included three warm-up fights. Two came against professional boxers Simon Vallily and Steven Ward, with the final one against arm wrestler Devon Larratt.

As amateur boxers, the fight itself will only last for a maximum of six three-minute rounds. However, there aren’t head guards, and both fighters will wear 12oz gloves.

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Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson face-off during unexpected gym clash

Despite the hype, there have been suggestions that this bout hasn’t attracted as much attention as first expected. However, the pair’s impromptu face-off has sparked excitement ahead of Saturday’s clash.

Hall was supposedly unaware that he was entering the same gym that Bjornsson was working out in. Shocked by his opponents’ entrance, Bjornsson confronted Hall before the two squared up to each other.

While it never progressed to anything other than ‘handbags,’ the two exchanged frank words in a heated conversation. Hall appears to challenge the Icelandic strongman to step outside, whereas Bjornsson himself continues to insult his opponent.

The confrontation ended with the pair being ‘held back’ by their respective entourages. Despite the tame nature of the meeting, both Hall and Bjornsson looked visibly angered to see each other. With the press conference and weigh-in still to come, expect more heated exchanges ahead of the ‘Heaviest Boxing Match in History.’

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