Scott Hall gets hit in the head with soda, plays it off in the coolest way possible

Wrestling legend Scott Hall passed away on Monday evening, with tributes from across the sport pouring out in the hours after his death.

Hall leaves behind a legacy as one of the most influential modern wrestlers, an icon of the sport. Born in Maryland, Hall rose to prominence in the 1990s under the character of ‘Razor Ramon.’ A winner of two United States Championships and one World Television Championship, Hall enjoyed a stellar professional career.

Despite never winning a world championship in a major promotion fight, Hall’s impact in wrestling goes beyond achievements. The man that made being a bad guy okay, Razor Ramon holds a special place in the hearts of many wrestling lovers.

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Soda thrown from crowd hits Scott Hall in the head

Alongside the heartfelt messages from Hall’s former friends and foes, a number of his most significant moments in the ring have resurfaced. From the scandalous and saucy pre-fight promotions to becoming the first-ever winner of a WWE ladders match, Hall touched the wrestling world in a unique fashion.

However, one of Hall’s most infamous moments in the ring came when a missile hit him from the crowd. Addressing the fans shortly after a fight, Hall grabbed the microphone and began to stir things up. One disgruntled supporter decided to throw a soda at Hall, hitting the wrestling legend on the head.

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In trademark fashion, Hall’s reaction to the attack displayed his true character. Laughing off the incident, he slicked back his hair and continued to stare straight at the camera. Unphased by the assault, Hall simply shrugged his shoulders in reaction to it. The sequence typifies the kind of cool that Hall oozed.

Soda incident not the only iconic Scott Hall moment

It came when the tide was beginning to turn for wrestling in America. Hall became one of many wrestlers to ditch WWF for WCW in the 1990s, forming part of the New World Order faction. Alongside fellow founding members Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash, Hall has been credited with ushering in an era of change for the sport.

The soda incident represented just one iconic moment in the career of Razor Ramon. Coupled with his ice-cold persona, Hall boasted some of the coolest moves in the game. One particular fans’ favourite is the way he’d wipe his hands after pulling off a fall-away slam.

As a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, it’s safe to say wrestling will never forget Hall’s impact on the sport. Equally loved by fellow fighters and fans alike, the news of his passing has stunned the wrestling community.

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