John Cena gets asked about potential 17th title, gives cryptic response

In 2017, John Cena tied Ric Flair by winning his 16th world title at the Royal Rumble. Five years on, he’s yet to break the record, and it doesn’t look like he’ll do it anytime soon.

Throughout his career, the legendary performer has solidified himself as one of the greatest to ever do it. The world has witnessed the icon pin The Rock at Wrestlemania, unhook the Money in the Bank briefcase, and create enthralling rivalries with the likes of Randy Orton and CM Punk.

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Cena possesses power, athleticism and an incredible will to send the crowd home happy. He puts his all into every match and constantly gives back through his work with ‘Make a Wish‘.

His charisma on the mic has become the stuff of legend. He has proven his ability to roast opponents as ‘The Dr of Thuganomics’ while also inspiring the WWE Universe with his motto; ‘Hustle, Loyalty and Respect’.

Therefore, he deserves every bit of success he’s had throughout his remarkable run in the sport. However, with his recent comments, it remains a mystery as to whether he’ll push for one last championship belt.

John Cena talks 17th World Title

Despite recently celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut against Kurt Angle, the American still remains a part-time performer at best. Due to his popularity, he has transcended the world of wrestling to become a pop-cultural icon, appearing in blockbuster films like Fast and Furious 9, Bumblebee and The Suicide Squad.

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However, his name will always remain connected to the company that propelled him to superstardom. And during a Q and A at Comic Con Wales, he opened up on the possibility of breaking the record.

As per SEScoops, Cena said: “That’s a very difficult question. Like I said, I know I’m not done in the ring.” said John Cena, “But I am realistic with where I’m at in my life. I’m 45, and I can tell you from being a 16-time champion, it is very tough to win.

“The top of that mountain is a young man’s game. So I’m not done in the ring. But I’m not certain that that’s in the cards. We’ll see. [There are] stories yet to be told because if I’m in the ring, I got a chance. I am just saying I’ve been there, so kudos to the young guys doing it.”

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