John Terry reacts to MP criticism by bringing up the Iraq War

John Terry has fired back at Labour MP Chris Bryant after the politician slammed his supportive Roman Abramovich post.

Following a mass amount of pressure, the former Chelsea chairman sold the club due to his country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Chelsea’s former captain uploaded an image to Twitter of himself and Abramovich. He captioned the picture: “The best” and featured three heart emojis for good measure.

This prompted a response from Bryant, who said: “I think John Terry, you should take this down ASAP. The people of Ukraine are being bombed, shelled and murdered while you celebrate Abramovich.”

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However, this has resulted in fans and Terry himself digging up the politician’s dirty laundry, which they happily used against him.

John Terry fires back at MP

The staggering events occurring in Ukraine have shocked the world. Due to the invasion, thousands of innocent victims have had to flee their homeland in a desperate bid for safety. Countries such as Poland and Romania have opened their borders, while other nations across the globe have offered their support in other ways.

But while Bryant has slated Terry for his post, he had no problem voting in favour of the invasion of Iraq. At the time of the war, Labour’s Tony Blair was the Prime Minister in the UK while Republican George Bush was the President of the USA. Their reasoning for entering the country was to remove a regime that developed and used weapons of mass destruction. Ultimately, those weapons never existed.

He also defended the decision for Blair to receive a knighthood despite the mass destruction the war caused. Furthermore, Bryant hit the headlines for making a £650,000 profit on flats the taxpayer helped fund.

Following Bryant’s verbal assault upon him, Terry utilised the Welshman’s public scandals to craft his response.

He tweeted: “The same MP that claimed fortunes in expenses of the taxpayer’s money. Also, the same MP who voted that we invade Iraq.”

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