Jon Jones hits back at Dana White’s claim in since-deleted tweets

Jon Jones has questioned Dana White’s claim that he could end up fighting Stipe Miocic in his UFC heavyweight debut.

Ever since Miocic was knocked out by Francis Ngannou, fans have been asking the same question: when will we see Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones for the UFC heavyweight title?

There’s an argument to be made that it could be one of the biggest fights in UFC history and certainly the biggest fight in the history of the heavyweight division. However, up to this point, financial disagreements between Jones and the promotion have led to Derrick Lewis getting the nod for the next shot at ‘The Predator’.

More disagreements

Earlier this week White suggested that Jones could end up fighting former champion Miocic in order to earn a superfight against Ngannou.

In a string of now-deleted tweets, Jones refuted that idea pretty firmly.

“Don’t get excited people, I’m not fighting Stipe” He wrote in one post.

“I’m not here to fight Stipe but I will defend my belt against him no problem. I’m looking for the biggest draw and I’m willing to wait. 33 years old in a better athlete right now than I’ve ever been before.. I’m just going to keep training my ass off” He added.

“I’m sick of hearing the same s***, you’re not a big enough star, you don’t bring in enough paper view. I’m ready to fight fights that will bring in the pay-per-view. The world wants to see some black on black crime right now and I’m ready to give it them lol”

The big debate right now isn’t about whether Jon Jones deserves a pay rise, but instead focuses on the percentages.

UFC fighters tend to be given a smaller piece of the pie in comparison to high-level pro boxers, with many comparing Jones’ star power to that of Deontay Wilder – a man who has received far higher purses in his career.

In terms of Ngannou vs Lewis 2, though, the UFC’s plan appears to be that it’ll happen at some stage this summer.

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