Jorge Masvidal is launching his own bare-knuckle MMA promotion

UFC star Jorge Masvidal has announced that he will be launching his own bare-knuckle mixed martial arts promotion.

Masvidal, 36, is currently preparing to challenge Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title this Saturday night at UFC 261. It’ll mark the second time he’s done so after coming up short on six days notice back at UFC 251 on Fight Island.

Masvidal building for the future

Alas, regardless of what happens this weekend, ‘Gamebred’ will forever be known as one of the biggest fan-favourites in UFC history.

Off the back of that reputation, Masvidal has decided to mix things up by starting his own bare-knuckle MMA promotion – Gamebred Fighting Championship.

“Huge news for true fight fans as me and the one and only @anuel have teamed up to bring you the most vicious fights we could think of Bare Knuckle MMA. That’s right no gloves same rules and the first fight will be in Miami on June 25. Every fighter will be outfitted by Anuel’s clothing Brand which translated in English means “Real Until Death” #andnew #realhastalamuerte Gamebred Fighting Championship”. the 36-year-old wrote.

Masvidal was brought up as a street fighter and even made it known recently that he wanted to try and help bring through a fresh crop of new stars.

Between his relationship with Kimbo Slice and his rise to prominence in the UFC, he’s obviously in the best possible position to do just that.

Of course, there’s every chance Kamaru Usman derails the hype train in a vicious way at UFC 261, but even a stoppage win likely wouldn’t prevent Masvidal from climbing further up the ladder of popularity.

Sure, it’s always easier when you’re winning, but ‘Gamebred’ earned his fans through grit and determination.

A defeat would mark the end of his title quest but perhaps also the start of his next chapter.

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