Junior dos Santos responds to Roman Reigns’ dig at AEW

Former UFC champion Junior dos Santos has issued a stern response after Roman Reigns’ recent jab at All Elite Wrestling.

While AEW may not quite be seen as direct competition for WWE just yet, there are still plenty of fans who believe a shift in momentum has taken place ever since CM Punk and Bryan Danielson made their way over to the new kid on the block. WWE still maintains an incredible advantage with respect to their TV deals and worldwide popularity as a brand, but there’s seemingly no limit to what AEW can achieve in the months and years to come.

Alas, when asked about the subject and Punk’s debut in a recent interview, WWE universal champion Roman Reigns was quick to dismiss AEW as a threat by suggesting he’d “throw them out the club” without much issue and that he views them as “little brothers”.

JDS = a future WWE star?

Junior dos Santos, who recently made his pro wrestling debut on an episode of AEW Rampage, decided to call Reigns out on social media after hearing the remarks.

“Hey @WWERomanReigns I heard your interview. Please send the address of this club you will throw me and my little brothers out of #AEW”

While dos Santos hasn’t exactly had a whole lot of experience in the squared circle up to this point, his Rampage outing appeared to prove that he has some real potential in this field.


For now, though, the 37-year-old and the “Tribal Chief” operate in different realms of the professional wrestling sphere.

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