Jurgen Klopp responds after Liverpool fans boo national anthem before FA Cup Final

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has given his thoughts on his side’s fans that booed the national anthem at the FA Cup Final.

Reds fans were incredibly vocal before, during, and after the match. They gave Prince William a chorus of boos as he arrived on to the pitch to meet the players.

Then, their noise disrupted the performance of ‘Abide With Me’ – a hymn that has become synonymous with the FA Cup. Finally, Liverpool fans booed during the national anthem – another tradition of the Final.

However, this is not a new occurrence. Supporters of the Reds have negatively reacted to the national anthem for years. This stems from disdain for the State in the 1980s – where a Conservative Margaret Thatcher government ran Britain.

The Hillsborough disaster, its subsequent cover-up, and other factors contributed to a division between the city and the UK government during this period.

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Fans’ demonstration of their dislike for those in power was met with criticism from numerous groups. In particular, some considered the booing distasteful on a jubilee year for the Queen and the 150th anniversary of the FA Cup competition.

Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, heavily criticised it all. “In this year of all years – the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – this [booing] is dreadful,” said the Speaker (as per The Telegraph).

Despite this, Jurgen Klopp has spoken about the actions of the supporters.

Jurgen Klopp on Liverpool fans booing

Fresh off winning the FA Cup on penalties, the German manager gave a diplomatic response to the events.

“Of course, I have thoughts [on the booing], but I think always in this sort of situation it is best to ask the question, ‘Why did it happen’,” said the Liverpool boss.

“I know our people so well that they would not do it if there were not a reason for it. I have not been here long enough to understand the reason. That’s for sure something historical, and that’s probably a question you can answer much better than I can.”

Klopp then went on to compliment Liverpool’s fanbase.

“I know some from other clubs see it slightly different, but the majority of our fans are wonderful people, really smart. They understand, they go through lows and highs, suffer together.

“They wouldn’t do it if there was not a reason, that’s what I know. It was not something I enjoy or whatever, but that’s the answer.”

Contrastingly, the spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson has condemned the actions of Liverpool fans.

Boris Johnson responds

When asked if Boris Johnson believes there could be a reasonable justification for booing the anthem, his spokesman gave a blunt response.

“No,” he said simply (quotes via the Daily Mirror). “Obviously, the events over the weekend, it was a great shame that as we were marking 150 years of the FA Cup, that brings people together, that a small minority chose to act in that way.”

Given Liverpool’s recent success, more trips to Wembley may be on the horizon in the next few seasons. Whether fans continue to boo the anthem and royal family remains to be seen.

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