Lance Stroll praises “great dynamic” with Fernando Alonso at Aston Martin

Lance Stroll has detailed the positive rapport between himself and Fernando Alonso during their first season as teammates.

The Aston Martin duo have helped the British team be the surprise package of 2023 so far. Their AMR23 has elevated the squad from the midfield up to challenging for podiums with the best.

For Lance Stroll, his relationship with Fernando Alonso has been a boost in the early rounds of this campaign.

“There’s a great dynamic in the team at the moment,” Stroll told the F1 website. “I definitely enjoy working alongside him [Alonso]. He’s incredibly talented, knowledgeable, experienced, and hungry to get the most out of himself every day. I have a huge amount of respect for him because he’s been doing this for a long time.

“He’s been at the top of his game for… how many years has he been in F1 now? Like more than 20 years? So, I just think to see that determination and focus and motivation every day – I have a lot of respect for that.”

Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll have known each other since the Canadian was 12 years old. But obviously, the pair’s dynamic has changed a lot since then.

“I wouldn’t say we had a relationship when I was 12. I was just a fanboy,” admitted Stroll. “We have a great synergy in the team and the car’s been really nice to drive. I think we’ve been having a great relationship, and sense that we’re both trying to get more out of the car, every weekend.”

Alonso had kind words for his fellow Aston Martin driver as well.

Alonso compares relationship with Stroll to previous teammate

He called the Canadian “very smart” and hailed his ability to work for the good of the team.

“He’s a driver that I think as a teammate, as we saw in Baku, we spoke about saving tyres,” explained Alonso, via Sky Sports. “We didn’t know exactly in a sprint format how long the tyres will last. We were saving tyres and he said, ‘I will not attack Fernando’.

“Last year I had maybe the opposite,” added the Spaniard, in a shot at former Alpine teammate Esteban Ocon. “Always, you know, for my teammate, the first target was me. And that was obviously not beneficial for the team. So, I think Lance is also playing a part in the relationship.”

Fernando Alonso vowed to help Lance Stroll as much as possible while driving, too. However, the younger of the pair has a lot to do to catch up to the veteran master.

Lance Stroll v Fernando Alonso: how they compare in 2023

Stroll came into the season still recovering from injuries sustained in a pre-season bike crash. Nevertheless, the Canadian impressed pundits to finish P6 in Bahrain.

Meanwhile, Alonso crushed the season opener, as well as other rounds this campaign. The Spaniard finished third in Sakhir – a result that he matched in Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Miami. His only non-podium finish in Azerbaijan still saw Alonso take a P4.

Alonso’s incredible consistency in a new team is one of the reasons why many view the two-time champion as the most talented driver on the grid. Not only has he bettered Lance Stroll in every race, but Fernando Alonso has out-qualified him at every round this season, too.

His dominance over the Canadian could not have been clearer than last time out in Miami. Alonso put his Aston Martin on the front row. In contrast, Lance Stroll exited qualifying in Q1. He then went on to finish outside of the points, whilst Fernando claimed yet another podium.

Aston Martin will thus hope that Stroll can be closer to his legendary teammate at the next round in Monaco.

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