Leaked Barcelona 2022/23 kits appear online – and they look incredible

Fans always wait in expectation for their club’s latest kit release – and Barcelona supporters are no different ahead of the 2022/23 season.

Of course, the Catalonians are famed for their blue and deep red colours. Hence one of the club’s nicknames La Blaugrana – which has an English translation of blue and red. 

They are colours that have been worn by some of the greatest players in history. They include Johan Cruyff, Diego Maradona and, more recently, Lionel Messi

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There have been many speculative views on why Barcelona plays in blue and red.

At the second meeting of members of the club in 1899, it was decided that the shirts would be blue and red. For the first ten years, the shirts were accompanied by white shorts – a colour that would currently be unpalatable to Barcelona supporters as a colour associated with Real Madrid

Some say the colours were chosen by one of the players’ mothers. It has even been said that the origin of the colours came from club accountants using two-point pens, blue and red. 

However, the common denominator here is the famous colours that Barcelona adorn. There will be a slight change, however, next season.

Barcelona 2022/23 kit differs from current season 

The new design for Barcelona’s 2022/23 kit will bring something slightly different to the table. All three designs were leaked by the Spanish news outlet Mundo Deportivo, and re-shared by Footy Headlines.

The traditional blue and red colours are honoured in the leaked design. Yet there is an additional navy blue stripe included in the latest strip. 

Gone are this season’s thin red stripes. In addition, there is a St George cross on the top left hand of the shirt. That is in reference to St George being the patron saint of Catalonia. 

Image via www.footyheadlines.com

Away from home, Barcelona will remain in their typical change colour of yellow. However, for next season, it will be a plain design, as opposed to any red or blue stripes on the away kit.

As for the third kit, there is another change of approach. That is because the design has a white background, with a blue and red cross over the whole of the front of the shirt. Of course, these kits are not yet officially confirmed – so we may see something slightly different come next season.

Barcelona fans are eagerly anticipating next season as they look to reach the summit of Spanish football once again. If they do, therefore, their new kits will go down in history.

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