Logan Paul will face Anderson Silva according to leaked message

A leaked message has indicated that Logan Paul’s next boxing match could come against MMA legend Anderson Silva.

Not so long ago Paul was just a YouTuber who occasionally raised a few eyebrows through some of his actions. Now, he’s one of the most recognisable names in combat sports, alongside his brother Jake.

This is partially due to his fights against KSI and partially because he took part in a boxing exhibition against the great Floyd Mayweather.

Anderson Silva, on the other hand, recently made his return to boxing against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr after leaving the Ultimate Fighting Championship last year.

Against all odds, “The Spider” managed to defeat Chavez Jr in what many considered to be a pretty substantial upset.

Silva seems intent on carrying on with his combat sports journey even if it doesn’t happen in mixed martial arts, which makes this supposed “leaked message” from Dillon Danis all the more interesting.

It comes from BJJ star Viktor Doria and reads: “There will be a huge event in Dubai on September 19. Main event is Anderson Silva vs Logan Paul boxing match. Would you like to fight a grappling match adcc rules and referees?”

On the face of it this seems like a legitimate question to be asking someone like Danis who, as we know, spends more time on social media than he does actively competing in MMA.

A year or two ago the idea of this alone would’ve sent most fans insane, and while that still may be the case to an extent, this could actually be quite feasible within the current climate.

We aren’t suggesting it’s going to be good or bad for the sport one way or the other but in this business, money talks. Boxing promoters are going to go with what feels unnatural but also makes the headlines, and Paul vs Silva would do just that.

Featured image credit: Getty