Louis van Gaal rips into reporter at press conference: “You’re just a journalist”

Netherlands boss Louis van Gaal tore into a reporter this week for questioning the logistics of his formation.

The former Manchester United manager returned to the dugout with the Dutch national team for a third time earlier this year as he attempts to guide them back to the World Cup. They managed to maintain their top spot in Group G last night with a commanding 6-1 win over Turkey but somehow, that isn’t the biggest story out there for the Oranje.

Van Gaal lays down the law

In a press conference van Gaal, who we all know to be quite a vibrant personality, opted to call out a journalist who compared his style of play to European champions, Chelsea.

What came next can only be described as one of LVG’s finest moments in front of a camera – and that’s saying something.

“Is that defensive football in your eyes [what Chelsea do]? No, not at all Valentijn. You have no idea at all. I’m sorry that I have to say it but you’re just a journalist. You want to implement your vision, but you don’t have a vision in football. You’ve got a vision for the newspaper.

“Fantastic, you attract attention and so on. But you can attack very good with 5-3-2 or 5-2-3. Chelsea shows that every time with different squads. Hats off to Mr Tuchel, he stepped in halfway.”

“You should read my book, because I don’t think you’ve done that.”

With games against Latvia and Gibraltar to come next month, it seems as if van Gaal is just a few wins away from securing his nation’s spot at next year’s tournament in Qatar.

Featured image credit: Getty