Extraordinary AFC Fylde job advert goes viral after receiving backlash

A job advert posted by National League North side AFC Fylde has sparked major controversy and backlash after asking candidates who want a “work life balance” not to apply.

The job advert in question was for the post of general manager, reporting directly to AFC Fylde chairman David Haythornthwaite.

The successful applicant would work alongside the club’s director of football.

It has caused backlash for stating that candidates should not apply if they want a “work life balance” or “have to pick the kids up from school twice a week at 3:30”.

The advert also states that the club are not looking for “office dwellers”.

It reads: “This is a “hands on role” and requires hands on leadership from the front so “delegators” and “office dwellers” please don’t apply.

“If not already apparent, we are not a Premiership Club and therefore every penny and every fan has to be fought for and respected.

“You will need to be proactive in your approach to everything.

“We work hard at Fylde so again don’t apply if you are looking for “a work life balance” or have to pick the kids up from school twice a week at 3:30.”

The job advert – which was originally posted yesterday – has since been taken down.

“Totally disgusting job advert from AFC Fylde. What an awful place to work,” one person on Twitter wrote.

Another said: “Seems like AFC Fylde are stuck in the past with their job description – horrendous advert.”

A third wrote: “Nice discrimination by AFC Fylde for this job role! Basically rules parents and others out… maybe the person that wrote the advert needs an attitude change!”

Featured Image Credit: Getty