Martin Brundle mistakes Paolo Banchero for Patrick Mahomes in Miami GP interview

Martin Brundle provided one of the highlights of the Miami Grand Prix when he chased down Paolo Banchero for an interview, thinking he was Patrick Mahomes.

On May 8, F1 went to Miami for the city’s inaugural Grand Prix. Thousands of fans flocked to the event to witness the world’s greatest drivers race around the track.

This season the race for the title is as competitive as ever, with Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen battling it out for the championship. And on Sunday, the spectators got to witness the next chapter of the story unfold.

On this occasion, the Belgian took the spoils as he overtook his rival early and defended until the end of the race. This has significantly tightened the gap at the top and adds extra intrigue to the Spanish GP at the end of the month.

However, despite the hype surrounding the event, the greatest moment of the weekend came in the form of an accidental interview with a basketball star.

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Martin Brundle somehow mistakes Patrick Mahomes for Paolo Banchero

In a moment reminiscent of the great Alan Partridge, Brundle chased down and interviewed the wrong man. Believing he’d spotted Mahomes, he followed his target and shouted ‘Patrick’. Unsurprisingly, the sportsman didn’t respond, perhaps because that’s not his name.

But regardless, he managed to draw the bemused athlete into an interview before he suddenly realised he had made a ridiculous mistake.

He embarrassingly addressed the situation: “It’s not Patrick. That’s why he ignored me in the beginning. But what is your name, sir?”

The interviewee responded: “Paolo Banchero.”

In Steve Coogan-like fashion, Brundle ended the interview: “Right, ok, I thought I was talking to somebody else, so I’m sorry about that.”

The F1 legend shook the basketballer’s hand and walked off in a somewhat awkward fashion.

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But this isn’t the first time he’s created a piece of comedy gold. Over the years, he’s provided fans with many classic moments. He once referred to Ozzy Osbourne as a ‘fruit cake’. On another occasion, he asked Megan Thee Stallion to rap for the Sky Sports viewers. Consequently, her bodyguards pushed him away.

Furthermore, he seems to have a keen interest in Jenson Button’s nipples. Whenever he’s around the former-world champion, he can’t resist grabbing hold.

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But perhaps his greatest moment came when he sprinted down the grid to grab a word with Bryan Adams. Everything he did in that interview, he did it for him.

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