Martyn Ford suggests fight with Iranian Hulk cancelled over ‘mental health concerns’

Martyn Ford has implied that his fight with The Iranian Hulk won’t take place due to concerns over his opponent’s mental health.

On April 5, with less than a month to go before the bout, the Brit took to his Instagram to reveal the cancellation of the contest.

Although the fight appeared very one-sided on paper, due to the intense rivalry that the pair shared, the hype had gone through the roof.

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As celebrity fever continues to sweep over the boxing world, the match-ups are becoming more and more concerning. And irrespective of the entertaining build-up, this one, seemed destined for disaster.

Granted, the Iranian possesses far superior physical qualities to the average Joe, but he was clearly no match for his 6 ft 8 adversary.

When the pair met at a media day in Dubai, the realisation of the gulf in athleticism sunk in. During the face-off, Ford unleashed a powerful shove that sent Hulk tumbling towards the floor The brave 30-year-old rose to his feet and attempted a revenge attack. But his rival defended the takedown attempt and flung him aside with ease.

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For all the wrong reasons, this encounter catapulted the media coverage of the event into the stratosphere. The Iranian looked like a lamb going to slaughter.

And after crying during a television interview, it looked evident that he was struggling with the pressure on his shoulders.

Ultimately, the fight collapsed and Ford has given an insight into why this happened.

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Martyn Ford reveals ‘mental health’ as the reason why The Iranian Hulk couldn’t compete

When somebody’s mental health is on the line, precautions must be taken. Therefore, the news, albeit disappointing for combat sports enthusiasts, is definitely for the best.

While discussing the cancellation of his fight on Facebook, the strongman answered fan questions on why he won’t box on April 30.

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As per Sunday World, he said: “Concerns on mental well-being and also health and safety risks involved with this match-up.”

In response to the video of Hulk’s breakdown, he added: “They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Let’s just say, what turned up WAS NOT what was sold to us or the investors. This, followed by crying on TV saying he wants to end his life, was enough for us.”

Although fans initially expected the card to continue, with Manchester United legend Patrice Evra vs YouTube sensation Adam Saleh featuring, the whole event has now been postponed.

Image Credit: Martyn Ford’s Instagram