Mason Mount gives brilliant response to Aaron Ramsdale FIFA rating

Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount and Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale got together to discuss their FIFA ratings for a new video – but there was one thing they were both unhappy about.

The Premier League stars looked back at their previous FIFA ratings as part of the video.

Mount’s FIFA history dates back to FIFA 17, when, aged 17, he was given a 57-rated bronze card. After an impressive season on loan with Vitesse, where he scored nine goals in 29 league games, he was boosted to a 74 overall in FIFA 19.

Mount earned an in-form card with loan club Derby County during that game cycle, which was an 80-rated card. Back at Chelsea for FIFA 20, his base card was 75 overall. However, he received a mid-season upgrade which boosted his overall to 79.

YouTube video

After a breakout season in Blues colours, Mount was rewarded with a base card of 80 in FIFA 21. He went on to receive a Team of the Season card, and began FIFA 22 as an 83-rated CAM.

In the hilarious video, Mount is applauded by Ramsdale and Reece James over his Derby card, with the Arsenal stopper referring to his 74-rated card as “the start of the journey”.


Mount’s disbelieving reaction to Aaron Ramsdale FIFA card

Ramsdale’s FIFA ratings also continue in an upwards trajectory – for the most part. His first cards were in FIFA 18, where he was 61 rated at both Bournemouth and Chesterfield. The following year, he was given an upgrade of one.

By FIFA 20, Ramsdale (68) was now a starting goalkeeper for the Cherries in the Premier League. Although Eddie Howe’s side got relegated, Ramsdale was one of their star players, and received a 75-rated card for FIFA 21 after joining Premier League side Sheffield United.

Both men congratulated each other throughout the video – essentially a visual journey of how they have risen to the top over time.


When it was time for Ramsdale to reveal his FIFA 22 card, however, he told the camera that he didn’t want to do it. He suffered his second Premier League relegation the season before – something Reece James is quick to point out in the video. However, all three players expressed their disapproval when the 74 rating – a downgrade – was shown.

YouTube video

Mount immediately puts his hands over his eyes, before looking back at Ramsdale, open mouthed. Both Chelsea players then erupt into laughter.

Ramsdale then throws the card to the ground, stamps on it, and throws it out of shot. He adds: “That’s what I think of it. How do you go down [to a silver]?”


Mount then turns to the camera, and says: “That right there, is a disgrace. Honestly. The boy has worked hard the whole season. He’s got better, and better, better.

“Yes, he may have got relegated. But he’s got better as a person, and as a player. I’m done. He should be 85 this year.”

Let’s hope EA have been listening to Mount’s impassioned speech ahead of FIFA 23.


Featured Image Credit: England / YouTube