Matty Byfield compares himself to Dimitar Berbatov ahead of Cage Warriors 168

With impeccable skill and predatory finishing instincts, Matty Byfield has a lot in common with Dimitar Berbatov.

On March 16, the Manchester United fanatic will take on Andy Clamp in a blockbuster contest for the Cage Warriors light heavyweight title, in a fight that fans can’t afford to miss.

With power strikes and a lethal ground game, the 31-year-old is one of the most dangerous competitors in the division. However, despite finishing the fight in all six of his victories, Byfield doesn’t brawl recklessly, merely relying on his heavy hands to get the job done in reality, he’s calm and poised, patiently waiting for his opponent to make a mistake he can capitalise on much like the great Dimitar Berbatov.

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Matty Byfield fights like Dimitar Berbatov plays football

Blessed with intelligence, technical ability and composure in the most high-pressure situations, Byfield can see much of himself in the Bulgarian striker.

When asked to compare his fighting style to that of one Manchester United player, the Brummie replied: “Berbatov. It can almost appear lazy, but it’s calculated, and I know what I’m doing, and it comes off well.”

Having watched his beloved club produce so many significant victories in his lifetime, from the 1999 Champions League to a plethora of dramatic Premier League wins, Byfield is ready to replicate his heroes and achieve a slice of glory for himself.

Next Saturday, the courageous athlete will set foot in the cage inside the Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester, with Cage Warriors gold on his mind. And having given his all to the sport he holds so close to his heart, he’s more than ready to seize the moment and reach his sporting destiny.

Matty Byfield is determined to win the Cage Warriors title

While many know Byfield for his ferocious performances inside the cage, the road he’s taken to get to where he is today was one of hard work, sacrifice, and an unrelenting desire to chase his dreams.

He beamed: “I always say to people that it’s weird with me. I grew up as a normal kid, thinking I was going to be a footballer. As it turned out, that wasn’t going to happen. I got into some incidents, and my dad asked, ‘Do you want to do some kickboxing or something like that’?

“So I did a bit of that in my local area, and then a gym called UTC in Erdington, came about. At the time, Leon Edwards was there. He was doing good bits, but I knew him before MMA. So, with Leon down there and a few other people, I thought I’d go in and see what’s going on.

“I went into the gym with no expectations and never left, and now I’m here. I can’t say it called me, but it was the perfect storm. The gym landed slap bang in the middle of my area. It was a 15-minute walk from my house, so I went there and it took off. I definitely think it was destined for me. It’s crazy, but here we are now.”

Matty Byfield is terrified for Manchester United vs Liverpool

The mixed martial artist’s tale is one that many a young fighter can look at and take inspiration from. Following his father’s advice, he’s taken the path to a title fight for a belt once held by the legendary Michael Bisping. Thus, it goes without saying that Byfield doesn’t intend to let the opportunity slip him by.


And once he claims the strap, he intends to head home for a good night’s sleep, before tuning in to watch his club take on Liverpool in a monumental collision. Alas, he’s not quite as confident about United’s chances as he is about his own.

He laughed: “I feel like I’m going to put on a vicious beating on the night, and then we’re going to get a vicious beating the day after, haha. I don’t see great things happening in that game for us, to be honest. But I’ve got to keep the faith, at least.”

MMA enthusiasts can watch Byfield’s title fight on March 16, live and exclusively on UFC Fight Pass.

Featured Image Credit: Getty / Cage Warriors