Mayweather hints at complete retirement following Paul fight

Floyd Mayweather has hinted at a full retirement in the wake of his exhibition bout against Logan Paul.

Last night in Miami, Mayweather took part in an eight-round contest against the aforementioned Paul. The YouTuber put up a half-decent given the clear gulf in quality between the two, but in the end, Mayweather clearly got the better of the exchanges.

‘Money’ hasn’t fought professionally since beating Conor McGregor back in summer 2017, taking his record to 50-0. Many have wondered whether or not he’d entertain the idea of a 51st outing but he’s never appeared to be in too much of a rush to do so.

Mayweather’s journey comes to an end?

After the fight against Paul, Mayweather seemed fairly conclusive when discussing what the future holds.

“Oh absolutely not; I retired from the sport of boxing,” Mayweather said after being asked about fighting professionally again.

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“I retired from the sport of boxing. I’ve said this before: It’s not easy, even for this fight. Just train a day and then take a couple of days off, train a day then take a couple of days off because of the age, because of the wear and tear of early on in my career. No punches to the head or anything, but just boxing and just sports period is really hard on the body, athletes, period.

“As far as me coming back to the sport of boxing (professionally), absolutely not. As far as me doing an exhibition again, probably not.”

Mayweather has achieved everything there is to achieve in the world of boxing and now, he seems content with moving on from it. On the flip side, Logan surprised a lot of people by going the distance, and he’ll likely be looking to get back into the ring again sooner rather than later.

The next step on this celebrity boxing journey will see Jake Paul battle Tyron Woodley on August 28.

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