Mbappe and Bellingham show off their FIFA 22 player ratings

The unveiling of FIFA 22 player ratings has begun – with Kylian Mbappe and Jude Bellingham the first two players to have their rating revealed.

FIFA 22 is released on October 1, meaning that with three weeks to go until release, we are firmly in the window where EA begins to announce the stats for the top players.

Except it appears not to be EA, but Mbappe himself who has revealed his FIFA 22 rating.

Mbappe’s FIFA 22 rating & stats

The FIFA 22 cover star posted an Instagram story with what appears to be his Ultimate Team card, complete with the eyes emoji.

The Paris Saint-Germain forward is rated at 91 – an increase of one compared to his FIFA 21 base card.

His pace and dribbling stats have all been upgraded by one, as well as his physicality.

Both Mbappe’s shooting and passing have received an upgrade of plus two.

The Frenchman’s defending, strangely, has gone down by three stat points – although it is certainly the other five main stats that are the most eye-catching.

Bellingham’s FIFA 22 rating & stats

Bellingham’s stats, meanwhile, have appeared on a screenshot posted to Twitter by prominent FIFA account @FUT21News.

The Borussia Dortmund midfielder has been given a huge increase of +10 from his original base card in FIFA 21, a non-rare silver.

His shooting has been upgraded by four, his dribbling by seven and his passing by nine.

The two biggest upgrades, though, come in physical and defending areas. His physical rating has increased by 11 points, whilst his defending has jumped up by a massive 22 points.

The only area in which Bellingham’s stats have decreased is in pace. His stat of 75 represents a two-point drop from last year’s game.

Featured Image Credit: Getty