Miami Grand Prix: New footage presents a first look at the exciting new F1 track

F1 is heading to Florida this weekend for its inaugural race on the new Miami Grand Prix track.

This year, the Miami GP is one of two races on US soil, joining Austin’s Circuit of the Americas on the calendar. However, this was not without difficulty.

Locals filed a lawsuit attempting to block the Grand Prix, saying it would cause “severe disruption and physical harm to Miami Gardens residents”. In response, city commissioners passed a resolution to provide benefits to Miami Gardens. In addition, officials would keep track of air pollution and noise levels.

Race organisers pledged a massive $5 million to be put back into the community to sweeten the deal further. This will occur throughout the duration of the 10-year contract. As a result, a judge dismissed the lawsuit trying to block F1’s latest Grand Prix from taking place.

Now the controversy has passed, drivers have started looking forward to the United States’ newest racetrack.

F1 drivers on Miami Grand Prix track

As the course is brand new, first impressions are only from simulators. Despite this, the Red Bull family were very complimentary of the Miami circuit following their sim runs.

AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly was impressed. “I’ve tried it, and I must say it looks pretty awesome,” he told Autosport. “I really like the layout. Quite a lot of high-speed content, quite challenging, unusual types of corners, extremely long corners, very long straights.”

Sergio Perez also enjoyed it but did say the end of the lap gets very technical. “I think it’s a good circuit,” said the Red Bull driver. “I think it has a little bit of a twisty area that is quite difficult to get right, and the visibility can be difficult.

“But I think racing can be good with all those long straights. I just hope the asphalt can be good, and we can have good racing. When we come to new circuits, we find some good surprises.”

In addition, Alfa Romeo’s Valtteri Bottas gave fans optimism, as he deemed that Miami “seems to be a really good track for overtaking” (quotes as per GPFans).

A recent video showing an overview of the track has shed light on the potential that the Miami Grand Prix track possesses.

Cool drone footage shows off-track features

In the video posted by YouTube channel Prospect 86, the drone offers a birds-eye view of F1’s newest play area. As a pseudo-street circuit, the features around the track are spectacular.

Taking centre stage is the incredible superstructure of the Hard Rock Stadium. The home of NFL side Miami Dolphins, the stadium is the backdrop of the start/finish line. Furthermore, it apparently has a viewing platform from which the whole track is visible.

But what about the circuit itself?

YouTube video

With three DRS zones, organisers hope that the track generates many overtaking opportunities. From the footage, turns one and 17 look like they will provide chances to overtake with their heavy braking zones. In particular, turn 17’s position at the end of the enormous back straight means that the hairpin will likely be a favourite passing spot.

Other notable trackside features include tennis courts used during the Miami Open, and some fun track design at the turns 14-15-16 complex. Here, the circuit darts underneath some of Florida’s Turnpike ramps – highways intersecting over one another. A photo posted by Reddit user r/officialjoelf shows the unique feature.

It will undoubtedly make for some spectacular helicopter shots throughout the weekend.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@f1mia