Michael Bisping defends Jake Paul amidst Tommy Fury spat

Michael Bisping has defended Jake Paul ahead of a proposed fight between the YouTuber and pro boxer Tommy Fury.

Paul and Fury, who are 3-0 and 5-0 in their respective pro boxing careers, continue to trade jabs over social media. Many believe Jake wouldn’t want to take a fight against Tommy as a result of his many years of training, but there are a select few out there who genuinely believe Paul could make a real go of things.

An unlikely ally?

One man who has been watching from afar is former UFC champion Michael Bisping who, during a recent interview with talkSPORT, couldn’t help but praise Paul for what he’s been able to build thus far.

“Everybody wants to see him get knocked out it seems,” Bisping said. “I will say this, I’m not a Jake Paul fan and I don’t know the guy, but fair play to him. 

“He was a YouTuber, and has hundreds of millions of followers and making tons of money, and you can’t hate on him for that. Good for him. We all want to do that. 

“He’s obviously developed a passion for combat sports and he’s parlayed that following on YouTube over to the boxing world.

“Okay, he fought Nate Robinson who was a basketball player, and knocked him out. Then he fought Ben Askren, who was an MMA champion in some organisations, but couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag with his fists. 

“He was still a former champion and went out and knocked him out. You can’t hate on what Jake Paul is doing, I know it’s a popular thing to do.”

It may not be conventional, but Jake Paul certainly has the world of boxing – and mixed martial arts – watching his every move.

Jake’s brother Logan Paul is next to step into the squared circle on June 6 in an intriguing exhibition boxing bout against Floyd Mayweather.

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