Michael Bisping is the latest UFC legend to send expletive-filled message to Kurt Zouma

Michael Bisping is the latest famous fighter to weigh in on the Kurt Zouma scandal.

A leaked video on Monday showed the West Ham centre-back kicking his cat. Zouma also slapped his pet and threw shoes at it in the footage captured by his brother.

The RSPCA has taken the Frenchman’s cats, whilst West Ham has fined him £250,000. In addition, Zouma had his boot sponsorship with Adidas cancelled.

The video caused widespread anger, with reactions from people across the sports world. Now, Kurt Zouma has to be wary of ever running into Michael Bisping.

Reaction to the incident

Bisping is not the first UFC star to call out Zouma. Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz tweeted at the West Ham man directly, calling him a “piece of sh*t.”

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In the football world, former Liverpool goalkeeper Chris Kirkland suggested that West Ham should sack Zouma.

The Frenchman left Ally McCoist similarly unimpressed, as the Scotland legend branded his actions “bullying of the extreme… shocking and horrible.”

UFC commentator Bisping has now offered his views on the incident.

Michael Bisping weighs in

Speaking on his podcast, Bisping did not mince his words. He launched into an expletive-laden rant about the incident between Zouma and his cat.

Bisping said: “What a f***ing a******e. Listen, there’s a poor f*****g little cat that’s got feelings. It’s a nice pet.”

YouTube video
The Zouma incident is talked about around the 35-minute mark.

The UFC legend couldn’t understand the reason behind Zouma’s actions. Considering Zouma’s fortunate position in life, the abuse of his pet doesn’t make sense.

“This guy has a beautiful life in a beautiful house. He’s a professional footballer in the Premier League; he’s getting tonnes of money,” Bisping said. “And he chooses to f*****g pay back the world or society by f*****g torturing cats.”

“I mean, come on, what the f**k, man.”

Bisping then offered his backing to fellow UFC star Blachowicz.

“Well done Jan Blachowicz. Because I’d love to f*****g kick that f****r in the head as well. F**k that guy. He needs a good arse-kicking.”

“F*** Zouma, simple as that, and if I see him, I’d kick him in the face. Stay out of my way, Zouma.”

Michael Bisping has made it clear that he has zero time for animal abuse. Kurt Zouma, meanwhile, has made yet another enemy through his actions.

Zouma remains available for West Ham’s game against Leicester this weekend despite the controversy. Manager David Moyes confirmed that the Frenchman would be considered when he picks his starting XI for the fixture on Sunday.