Misfits 5: Jay Swingler vs Nicholai Perrett: How to watch, UK start time, full card

Misfits 5 goes down tonight, with a tag-team match and a main event between Jay Swingler and Nicholai Perett, so we’re telling you how to watch all the action.

Anyone thought Jake Paul losing to Tommy Fury would end influencer boxing, has just had the shock of their lives. Sadly for some, it’s as alive as ever; if anything, it’s growing increasingly with each event.

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And while the headline attraction has set pulses racing, it’s the innovative tag team match that has caught fans hook, line and sinker, while simultaneously rendering purists furious. Somehow, former KSI opponent, Luis Alcaraz Pineda has found mass popularity.

In his last outing, he turned up as a ‘mystery opponent’, entering the ring to The Undertaker’s theme song, before striding to the ring to the sound of a Mexican mariachi band, while his adoring crowd cheered on.

This time, he teams up with BDave to take on Stromedy and Austin Sprinz in a WWE-esque collision.

And surely even the most hardcore boxing fan must be slightly intrigued? Ok, perhaps not, but if this sounds right up your street, read below to find out how you can tune in.

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Misfits 5: Jay Swingler vs Nicholai Perrett: How to watch

The event, taking place at the Telford International Centre, will broadcast live and exclusively on DAZN. You can sign up for a monthly subscription of £9.99.

And it might be worth watching just to see if KSI confirms his collision with Joe Fournier.

Misfits 5: Jay Swingler vs Nicholai Perrett: UK start time

The eagerly-anticipated card will commence at 7 PM, with the main event scheduled to commence at 10 PM.

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Misfits 5: Jay Swingler vs Nicholai Perrett: Full card

In addition to the headline attraction and the tag-team bout, pornstar, Astrid Wett returns against AJ Bunker, and King Kenny fights Ashley Tebi.

  • Jay Swingler vs Nicholai Perrett
  • King Kenny vs Ashley Tebi
  • Deen The Great vs Pully Arif
  • Luis Pineda & BDave vs Stromedy & Austin Sprinz
  • Walid Sharks vs N&A Productions
  • Astrid Wett sv AJ Bunker
  • Ginty vs Halal Ham
  • Tempo Arts vs Godson

Featured Image Credit: Misfits Boxing